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Imperial Castle of Nuremberg

Map of the Castle

Link to the map of the Imperial Castle (PDF)

Enlarged map including a legend


The Imperial Castle Nuremberg is one of the most important castles in Germany. From a distance it looks like a single complex, but in fact consists of three separate entities divided from one another by gates and walls.

Seen from the old town, the actual Imperial Castle with the Palas, Chapel and Bower (Imperial Castle Museum) is grouped round the inner castle courtyard and protected by the bailey with the Sinwell Tower.

East of this are the Pentagonal Tower and the Walburgis Chapel – both of which are part of the former Burgrave’s Castle.

At the easternmost point is the Luginsland from which the people of Nuremberg could see into the Burgrave’s Castle. Next to this tower is the so-called Imperial Stables, once the city’s corn granary.

Perspective view of the Imperial Castle


Picture: Model of the Imperial Castle

1    Inner courtyard
2    Palas
3    Doubel chapel
4    Bower (Imperial Castle Museum)
5    Deep Well
6    Sinwell Tower and Finance Building
7    Pentagonal Tower
8    Walburgis Chapel
9    Imperial Stables
10  Luginsland – Watchtower

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